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Babybjörn vs Ergobaby Original Carriers

During the nine months of pregnancy, the baby grows and develops as the mother is devoted to prepare for her arrival. It’s time to prepare the famous New Baby Checklist, with everything you need for the first few months, because once you have the baby at home, there won’t be time for much.

One of the essential things on my list was a baby carrier. I used to see many mothers using them in London and they looked so comfy and practical, the kind of thing to be used very often. I bought the BabyBjorn Original carrier because it was the best known and most widely used. It is a well-established brand so I thought it was the best option.


I used it during the first months with Berta, until a physiotherapist friend told me that this type of carrier was not recommended because it is not ergonomic. The problem is that the baby’s legs in this carriers dangling down and that position is not good for the baby’s knees and hips.

I stopped using the backpack due to the possibility that it was detrimental to the growth of Berta and my own back and decided to do some research on the subject. After reading much about baby carrying and the importance of the “frog” position, I decided to buy the Ergobaby Organic carrier and since then it’s the one I use.


These are the main differences between the two carriers, in case you are thinking of changing models or if you have not bought it yet and want to know which one I think is the best option:

1. Assembling

The BabyBjorn carrier comes in two parts and is a little difficult to assemble without help. To position the baby correctly you must tie up 6 different buttons, besides adjusting the straps at the back.

The Ergobaby is simpler, is made of one piece and positioning the baby is very easy. You won’t need anyone to help you and there are just two buckles to tie up, besides adjusting the straps at the back.

2. Positions

With the BabyBjorn carrier you can put the baby facing you or facing outward. As the brand claims, when the baby is able to hold his head by itself, he may be facing outward.

The Ergobaby allows the baby only facing you in the chest or back. It is the only way in which the baby is correctly positioned with the legs in frog position. This carrier also allows you to wear the baby over one hip, which is very good for older babies and toddlers.

3. Comfort

Both baby carriers are comfortable for the adult that wears them. They adapt well to the back and let you adjust the straps depending on the height and size of each person.

For the baby, the Egobaby is the most comfortable as her legs are positioned correctly. Also, I personally prefer the Ergobaby because Berta is in direct contact with me, without any strap or fabric between us. This carrier also incorporates a hood to protect the baby’s head from the sun or light when asleep and a handy front pocket to carry your keys or purse.

4. Material

The BabyBjorn carrier is made of 100% cotton and can be machine washed with no problem. Touch is nice but not soft. It is possible to buy special bibs separately to protect the area that is in contact with the baby’s face, they are softer and protect the carrier from getting wet.

I’ve chosen the Ergobaby Organic, which is made with organic cotton. It can be machine washed and is very soft. Ergobaby also offers organic cotton backpack straps protectors (in case your baby is teething and likes to chew them) and they are a incredibly soft.





After trying both Baby carriers, I personally prefer the Ergobaby. It’s very comfortable and easy to wear and it’s good to know that Berta is being hold on the correct posture. I also value very much that this carrier is made ​​from organic cotton. I believe baby’s skin is very delicate and should be in contact with natural and free of chemicals fabrics only.

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