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Babybjörn One Carrier

Babybjörn was my first choice when I had to buy a baby carrier for Berta and I was very happy with it until a friend told me about ergonomic carriers and the importance of frog-leg position for babies. That was the reason why I decided not to use the Babybjörn carrier anymore and moved on to an ergonomic one instead, but things have a changed a lot since 2013.

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Although Babybjörn maintains that their original carrier is perfectly safe for babies development, the brand has decided to create not one but two ergonomic carriers. Thanks to the Babybjörn PR team, I’ve been using the Babybjörn One Carrier and I am very happy to share with you its new features and improvements.

Babybjorn One Carrier

As you can see in the pictures, I had to use one of Berta’s baby dolls as a model because she refuses to get in the carrier! She is now showing her own personality and this time the little princess decided she didn’t want to collaborate. The good thing is the baby doll was very quiet and she didn’t complain at all, I think I will use her again in the future for this kind of photo shoots.

Babybjorn One Carrier

The Babybjörn One Carrier is very different from the original I used with Berta when she was a little baby. The main difference is the ergonomic approach so your baby can be in the correct position while you carry her close to you in any of the four possible carrying positions. I love the possibility of carrying her on my back. Very useful now that Berta is getting bigger and heavier.

Babybjorn One Carrier

Another thing that I like about the One carrier is that It distributes the weight very good between the hips and the shoulders without compromising the simplicity of the back straps. This is one of my favorite features, very comfortable and easy to adjust on your own. And the new hip buckle is so easy to use! Ergobaby also included a fantastic new and improved velcro waistband on the new Ergobaby Four Position Carrier.

Babybjorn One Carrier

Babybjorn One Carrier

I would highly recommend this carrier to someone who is looking to buy one for the first time because it is great to use from 0 to 3 years and it is very versatile. The look of the carrier is very sharp and modern and it is available in different colors and fabric options.

At this point it is not only me who decides which carrier we use but Berta’s opinion matters as well. Although I think that the Babybjörn One is a very good carrier we will continue using our beloved Ergobaby. Berta is more used to it and everyone knows how difficult it is to change kids habits. I found the Ergobaby lighter and easier to wear and love the look of the carrier, the front pocket and the fact that is made with organic materials.

What about you? Which carrier do you use for your babies?

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