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5 Steps For A Healthier Diet

I care about what I eat, specially since I’ve become a mother. I want Berta to have a good education about food, I want her to eat healthy and be aware of the damage that sugar and processed foods can make to us. I don’t want her to experience the same difficulties that I had to get through in my life due to a bad relationship with food. I’ve been working on a healthy eating plan that let us embrace a new and healthier lifestyle. The perfect plan to achieve a healthy diet in 5 easy steps.

Healthy Diet

I am not talking about dieting, “eating healthy” is a lifestyle change not only for me but my whole family. I wanted to vanish our old bad habits, sugar cravings and boring meals and embrace a new way of eating, enjoying all type of vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and healthy fats! I was looking forward to be able to say goodbye to breakfast cereals, fries, fatty desserts and processed foods for good.

If you are trying to eat healthier too, I invite you to try my five steps. They are simple and easy but will make a huge difference in you life once you get used to them. Take your time and add one step at a time, there is no need to rush it. Some people would need five days and others would need five weeks, the important thing is to go through all the steps and establish them as part of your routine.

Healthy eating

These are my 5 Steps For A Healthier Diet:

1. Drink your water

It has always been very hard for me to drink water. I know it might seem a very easy task for many of you but for me it was an impossible mission! Even when I was pregnant and breastfeeding Berta, I remember pushing myself all the time to drink because I could spent the whole day without drinking any water.

Now I try to drink about 8 glasses per day (including teas) and I feel much better. My whole body seems to be in a better condition just by drinking water every day. For me the trick was drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning and from there my body would ask me for more throughout the day. Having a reusable water bottle ready in your bag at all times is very handy for this task.

2. Upgrade your breakfast

Drinking a cup of coffee on your way to the office is not a proper breakfast. If you do that, your body will scream for food in no time and you will not receive any good nutrients. Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day, a pleasant experience that makes your body feel good and ready to work for the rest of the morning. Upgrade you breakfast and try a super easy to make smoothie, delicious porridge with honey and fruit or even these healthy banana pancakes! Try something new every day and play with nuts and fruit to add proteins and flavor!

3. Pre-prepare your lunches

I know you are too busy to cook a proper lunch everyday. Either if you are working or have a baby at home like me, you need your lunch to be ready to eat. I suggest pre-preparing your lunches every Sunday so you have a delicious and nutritious homemade meal ready for you during the week. I personally love to prepare different salads for each day using quinoa, rice or lentils as a base and adding cherry tomatoes, roasted vegetables, nuts and cheese to add taste and color. You can use these Kilner Jars to store them and keep in the fridge so easily!

4. Make your own healthy snacks

Snacks are very important to help us maintain our energy levels up through the day. For me, they are a must in the afternoons when I need a little boost to play with Berta and be able to bath her, feed her and organize the house before dinner. At this time it is very easy to fall for a not so healthy snack like chocolate bars or packaged cookies so instead, I prepare my own homemade snacks and have them ready for this weak moments. I love energy balls, because they are so easy to make and stay fresh in the fridge for a long time, and rice cakes with nut butter and banana or apple slices. Absolutely delicious and very healthy.

5. Cook dinner every night

If you like to cook, you will love this new way of eating and all the colorful dishes you can prepare using fresh products. No more plain and boring steak with fries or greasy fish and chips where the only source of vitamins come from a mushy pile of frozen peas with butter… Instead why not try this delicious Homemade Curry or this Sweet Potato Surprise!

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