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3 Fun Ways Of Exercising At Home

A couple of years ago I used to run 5k every morning, I was in a very good shape. Eating healthy and exercising every day felt amazing and I was very happy about it. Then I got pregnant and I stopped running but continued walking as much as I could everyday. I also joined a pregnancy yoga class at Triyoga and went almost every day for the next 5 months!

Now the picture has changed a lot. Since Berta was born last year, there has been no a lot of free time for running or walking and of course not for yoga or any other scheduled activity. So even though I eat very healthy and I’ve managed to loose all the baby weight I put on during the pregnancy I don’t really feel I am in a good shape. My body is clearly screaming for some exercise and my mind is too!


So until Berta starts going to the nursery or school and I have time to exercise properly again, I try to stay active at home. Check out this 3 fun ways of exercising at home:

Playing with your kid(s)

I think this is the easiest and funniest way of exercising at home on a daily basis. Playing catch or hide and seek around the house is a very good way to stay active and it will exhaust your kids enough so they can sleep sound at night. You can also create some home-style Olympics or even make up some games like pretending to be an animal and crawl around, let’s get creative!


This is our favorite! Berta and I love to dance at home, it keeps us entertained for a while and allows us to spend quality time together. Usually we put on some skirts or hats and make the dolls dance with us to make it even funnier. Berta always laughs out loud and she even tries to sing some of the songs!

7 Minutes Apps

If you really need to exercise, shed any pounds or just define your body a little bit before an important event or the holidays, I recommend you use a 7 minutes workout app to help you. These apps are very easy to follow and the exercises are simple but very effective. Even with your kids at home, it should not be that hard to find 7 free minutes a day, right? I’ve tried this one and this one and both are very good, you should definitely give it a try!

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